Fix Spooky Driveway Cracks

When Trick-or-Treaters come to your home this Halloween, your driveway shouldn’t be the scariest feature. Eliminate spooky cracks and crevices by having your driveway crack sealed by the professionals at AAA Parking Lot Maintenance.

Halloween is a night of fun for little ones and their parents. As they rush door-to-door looking for treats and showcasing their costumes, the last thing you want is for a child to trip and fall in your driveway.

Cracks allow water to penetrate

Cracks, crevices, and voids in your driveway asphalt are a nuisance. They’re also an eyesore. Jagged edges might be perfect for Jack-o-Lantern teeth, but not drives.

Driveway cracks can lead to something scarier than ghosts and ghouls … water penetration. 

Little girl in pink princess dress accepting Halloween candy from a woman in a black dress holding a mask to her eyes.
Don’t let driveway cracks haunt your home this Halloween.

Cracks allow water to seep underneath the asphalt and destabilize the foundation. A weakened foundation is ripe ground for more cracks to develop.

The weakened, cracked foundation, coupled with the weight of traffic, can cause cracks to worsen. If cracks are caught early enough, patching can extend the life of your driveway, saving you from a more expensive complete re-pour.

Filling cracks can extend your driveway’s lifespan

When repairing your Peoria or Central Illinois driveway, the professionals at AAA Parking Lot Maintenace will use hot rubber to fill the cracks.

The rubber is melted and poured into the asphalt cracks. The hot rubber adheres to the asphalt and prevents water from penetrating to the base.

Man in yellow shirt using a machine to fill asphalt cracks with hot rubber.
The experts at AAA Parking Lot Maintenance can seal your driveway cracks.

AAA Parking Lot Maintenance uses GemSeal products. GemSeal is a respected national supplier of asphalt maintenance products and pavement sealcoating. 

The mix design is per-industry standards. Sand is added to the sealer at the rate of 2 pounds per gallon and gives the sealer a more aggressive texture acting as a slip-resistant when applied to your asphalt surface.

It also acts as a bonding agent to enhance the strength of the sealer prolonging its life expectancy.

AAA also uses an additive called Rapid Set, also a GemSeal product. Rapid Set is a polymer modified additive for use in both refined tar and asphalt emulsion pavement sealers. 

Rapid Set reduces dry time, improves sealer adhesion, and increases durability. Reducing dry time is critical when your parking lot or driveway needs to be open to traffic – or Trick-or-Treaters – quickly.

If you’re going to be the talk of the neighborhood on Halloween, make sure it’s for your eye-catching decorations, great candy offerings, and warm hospitality – not your hazardous, crack-filled driveway.

Let AAA Parking Lot Maintenance ensure your driveway is a treat this Halloween. Contact us today!