About Us

Asphalt CompanyAAA Parking Lot Maintenance is a full-service parking lot and pavement maintenance company located in Spring Bay, IL.  AAA has served central Illinois for the last 15 years and brings knowledge and competence to every job.  Services include residential and commercial sealcoating (pavement sealer) and crack filling, parking lot striping, street and construction sweeping, asphalt paving, and patchwork. We provide these services in Peoria, Tazewell, Woodford and Mclean counties as well as surrounding areas.  Sweeping services are currently only available in Peoria, Tazewell and Woodford counties.

Effective Maintenance Services

Finding competent, professional maintenance services for your parking lot or asphalt application should not be a daunting task.  AAA Parking Lot Maintenance makes it easy for you!  There’s no need to call different contractors, sealcoating companies, etc. to get everything you need.  We provide all the services and eliminate the stress of lining up several contractors.  If you are looking for a maintenance company that is knowledgeable about the job, trustworthy, and will get the job done right the first time, call AAA!

Street Construction/SweepingSatisfaction Guarantee

We take pride in calling our previous customers, “friends.” Dedicated to providing the best product or service we strive for the absolute best in everything we do.  With competent management and effective procedures for crews, we’re confident in our satisfaction guarantee. Not only with our team, but with our equipment and the work we perform. The equipment used is top quality, professional tools that enable us to perform our services effectively and efficiently. With the combination of our quality equipment and our hard-working team members, AAA Parking Lot Maintenance is your best option when it comes to maintenance companies in the Peoria, IL area.